Why Us


  • MINT is privately-owned by an executive group and is aiming to grow big
  • MINT focuses solely on serving acute-care environments
  • MINT is financially and operationally nimble,with controlled overheads


  • MINT is quality driven-our primary focus is on establishing strong references
  • MINT creates and fosters a culture that empowers tem members,revards achievement,promotes personal accountability,and celebrates diversity.


  • MINT's on-site directors are career-driven professionals and we offer greater advancement opportunities.
  • MINT provides higher caliber of manager than our competitors and demands a more hands-on approach to leadership.

What sets us apart?

  • A Solid Support System - As part of MINT, our employees are backed by a network of specialists in a number of areas, ranging from technical support to risk management.
  • Customized Quality Control - We rely on proven, site-specific systems, designed to foster accountability, focus efforts and increase communications.
  • Top-Notch Training - Our programs are praised as the most aggressive, successful programs in the industry. Designed in-house, they involve intense, hands-on training to make sure every base is covered.
  • The Right People - It’s no secret, our employees are our best assets. We take the time and care to handpick each one. Add our extensive training, and you may rest assured that every person we place in your facility is of the highest caliber.


Our Clients

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